FRP roit duty helmet with high impact resistance

The portable expandable mechanical spring baton adopts pen buckle design, with small size and light weight, easy to carry. Automatically pop up, reducing operation time. The tail of the handle is equipped with a broken window spine for multi-function defense. High-strength alloy rigid body, with quenching treatment, strong and durable. The handle is made of non-slip leather texture, which is comfortable and not easy to slip off.

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Riot helmets are important head protection equipment for police officers in the fight against terrorism and riots. The main function is to protect the head from blunt objects or projectiles, as well as similar non-penetrating head injuries, so riot helmets are generally full-face helmets and equipped with neck guards for effective protection. In addition, anti-riot helmets are also required to have certain high strength, reliability, wide field of vision, comfortable wearing, and easy to put on and take off. The following is the detection knowledge related to riot helmets. The mass of the riot helmet must not exceed 1.65 kg. The structure includes: shell, buffer layer, pad, mask, wearing device, neck guard, etc. The material of the anti-riot helmet is required to be non-toxic and harmless to the human body, the liner is sweat-absorbing, breathable and comfortable, the coating quality is required to meet the relevant regulations, and there is no appearance defect. In addition, the appearance quality inspection also detects signs, badges, dimensions, etc. The structure requires testing the quality of the shell, the quality of the buffer layer, the quality of the cushion, the quality of the mask, the quality of the wearing device, the quality of the neck guard, etc. The most important protective safety performance testing of anti-riot helmets is the measurement of anti-leakage performance, the measurement of impact protection performance, the measurement of impact strength, the measurement of impact energy absorption performance, the measurement of penetration resistance, and the flame retardant performance. Determination, determination of climatic environment adaptability. The anti-collision protection performance of the riot helmet requires that it can withstand the impact of 4.9J kinetic energy, and absorbs the impact energy should withstand the impact of 49J energy. Penetration resistance to withstand 88.2J energy puncture. The important impact strength is to withstand the impact of a 1g lead bullet at a speed of 150m/s±10m/s. These are the main issues that need to be focused when testing. Of course, a riot helmet is a whole product. Its safety factor is a comprehensive evaluation of the entire helmet inspection project. We take the quality of the inner cushion as an example. The cushion plays an important role in absorbing collision energy and is an important part of protecting the head from non-penetrating injuries. It has also been found in the actual testing research that materials with higher flexibility and cushioning performance Good, but it is easy to be flattened, resulting in failure or failure to meet the requirements of normal indicators. This requires us to choose high-quality cushioning materials to solve this situation. In addition, it is worth noting that the cushioning of anti-riot helmets is required to be removable and washable, which also requires the repeated washing performance of its materials.


. Item No. :NCK-black-B . Color:Black, camouflage, army green, navy blue . Size:Internal dimensions of shell (LxWxH) 25x21x14cm . Component:the helmet consists of shell, hoop, shell liner, chin strap and fasteners . Material: high intensity FRP glass fiber reinforced plastic . Weight:1.09kg . Meet GB2811-2007 standard for riot helmets . Puncture resistance performance strength: Free fall impact test on top of helmet from height of 100cm,dropped by a round steel cone with a mass of 3kg,resulted of no contact with head mold and no fragments come off. . Note: usage life of 2 years from the date of production. Pls stop using if a heavy impact , squeeze or bump occurs. For impact strength beyond the standard range, it can only reduce your injury.

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