Expandable organizer backpack with partition pouches

Expandable organizer backpack, waterproof high density Oxford, big volume 35L, additional pouches about 15L, air breath system on the back, Multi-pouches design to classify storage of different items. brand accessories, SBS zips with quality assurance. Laptop, clothing, outdoor equipment, scattered small items easily well organized.

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In addition to the quality and load-bearing requirements of outdoor backpacks, the same is true for performance. After all, it has to cope with all occasions and meet daily needs. Especially now that I have to hold a computer, wallet, umbrella, water cup, bento and other items, and I want to free up my hands to hold a pole and play with a mobile phone. Obviously, ordinary bags are not competent. At this time, the backpack has become the most irresistible and irresistible preference in daily life. Of course, a really good backpack is not only durable and practical, but also stylish. Therefore, multi-functional outdoor backpacks must be light, durable, fashionable and versatile. Whether you are commuting to work or outdoor leisure, it can be easily held and stylish. At the same time, it has the following characteristics. 1. Impeccable quality and craftsmanship, water-repellent fabric, powerful function, wear-resistant and not easy to be scratched, upgraded carrying system, long-term wear without shoulders, safer and more reliable. 2. It can be installed and installed to meet all storage needs. Every detail design has different functions. It can also be equipped with an external USB charging interface, which is convenient and fast to charge, so that patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder will fall in love with the packaging. 3. The shape is simple and classic, keep it handsome all year round, durable in appearance, and quickly improve your bigger 4. Oxford cloth is preferred, which has the characteristics of wear resistance, scratch resistance and tear resistance. 5. Are you afraid of getting your belongings wet in the rain? ? ? No, this backpack will keep your baby intact in the rain, fully tested for water resistance. 6. Every detail is done in place, the zipper pulls smoothly, and the bearing ring is thick and heavy. 7. The woven shoulder straps are light and breathable, adjustable in length, waterproof Oxford fabric, not easy to deform, comfortable and breathable, not easy to scratch, waterproof features, give you an intimate experience~! 8. A USB base can be added to the side of the backpack, with a USB charging cable, wearing a power bank, anytime, anywhere, to increase the convenience of long-distance travel and smooth information communication. 9. Simple and light travel, clear functional storage partitions, convenient and fast external USB charging. The capacity is suitable and can basically cover daily commuting to get off work and short trips. Humanized interlayer/bag design, computers, tablets, earphones, cards, glasses, stationery, power banks, etc. have their own "homes", each in its own place and will not collide with each other and scratch. 10. The two-way zipper design can open the warehouse 180°, which is very convenient to store and take out. 11. S-type widening shoulder straps, decompression and comfort. Fits the north, relieves pressure and makes it easier to carry. 12. Thickened portable design, group reinforcement, very durable and prolong service life.


Turnout coat & pants: product material: Aramid flame retardant fabric Standards: GA10-2014 Moisture permeability: ≥5000g/㎡X24h Flame burn duration: ≤2S Damaged length: ≤10CM Moisture resistance: ≥ Level 3 Product Weight: ≤3KG Stand-up collar with velcro: Stand-up collar design is sealed with velcro to make the clothes fit firmly and the neck is tightly protected. Reflective strip design: The chest, waist, wrist and trouser legs of the clothes are all equipped with reflective strips, which have obvious reflective effect and high recognition. Turnout Helmet: Impact resistance, heat insulation and flame retardant; Soft and breathable inner mesh; Lightweight shell material Gloves: Frosted palm, thick and flame retardant Turnout boots: Anti-slip and anti-electricity protection for the soles of the feet; Non-slip sole; Rubber boots material

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