Aramid UD combat helmet riot protection helmet

Aramid UD combat helmet is made of Aramid UD, which benefits from its light weight, high strength, good toughness, and high temperature resistance. This combat helmet features a versatile guide rail and base, velcro and cushion lining, and a matte shell.

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The weight of the helmet is related to the helmet material and manufacturing level. The bulletproof materials used in non-metallic military helmets are mainly nylon reinforced resin, glass fiber and aramid. Compared with the first two, the manufacturing cost of aramid fiber is slightly higher, but the same weight of aramid fiber can provide 2-3 times the strength of other fibers and 5 times the strength of the same thickness of steel wire. Considering factors such as cost and weight, aramid is indeed the best choice for mass-produced personal protective systems. Bulletproof helmets are one of the important protective gears to protect life, and their manufacturing is changing with each passing day with the development of the material industry. The manufacture of bulletproof helmets includes the following steps: design, process selection, raw material selection, mold making, material preparation, production, completion, and firing testing. Among them, material selection, layup design, material cutting, resin system and curing conditions are all very particular. And there are the following key steps: 1. Material cutting 2. Preforming 3. Pressing 4. Product 5. Shooting test.


. Item No. :Aramid UD combat helmet . Color:Black, army green,customized . Material:Aramid UD . Level: NIJ IIIA . Protection area: 0.125㎡ . Helmet weight: 1.47kg . Helmet thickness: 10mm . Multi-function guide rail on both sides of the combat helmet can be installed with multi-function accessories, tactical lamps, earphones and other items. . The front of the helmet has a multi-function base for connecting to night vision goggles, headlights, cameras and other equipment. . The rotating knob at the back of the helmet can adjust the size and tightness of the headwear. . Helmet interior design has a soft lining, with Velcro strong adhesive, durable. . The frosted shell is not reflective and is more suitable for outdoor covert work.

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