3C certificate fire fighter clothing value package

A complete head-to-toe firefighting suit set, all equipment meets 3C certificate. Applicable to a variety of scenarios, fire fighting, disaster relief, rescue, emergency repair, and fire extinguishing

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Fire fighting suit is one of the important equipment to protect the personal safety of firefighters who are active in the front line of fire fighting. Therefore, it is particularly important to adapt to the fire scene rescue activities of fire fighting uniforms. Due to the ever-changing fire scene and the increase in the types of rescue and rescue, fire officers and soldiers need to wear different combat uniforms when facing different situations. 1. Fire-fighting protective clothing It is one of the important equipments to protect the personal safety of firefighters who are active in the front line of fire fighting. It is not only an indispensable item in the fire rescue scene, but also a fire prevention appliance to protect the firefighters from harm. It is also the most common firefighter clothing at the scene of a fire. 2. Emergency rescue suit Orange top, pants, white helmet and a very stylish pair of combat boots. In emergency rescue, there is no need to face the test of flames, so the clothing is very simple and light, and the orange-red clothing is brightly colored and easy to identify. It is used for body protection in rescue scenes such as building collapses, narrow spaces and climbing. It has the properties of flame retardant, wear resistance, light weight, strong tensile strength, eye-catching color and logo. 3. Fire clothes Can cross 3000 ℃ high temperature heat insulation clothing: anti-1000 ℃ heat radiation emergency rescue clothing, use: fire protection clothing is specially designed for firefighters to enter the fire scene for a short time to carry out fire fighting and rescue. Features: When covered by water guns, firefighters can move freely for a long time in the high temperature of 3000 ℃. If there is no water gun cover, you can walk in the fire for about 10 minutes. Applicable environment: places that require high temperature operation, such as metallurgy, chemical industry, special manufacturing industries, etc. 4. Thermal clothing Appearance: The thermal insulation suit is made of aluminum foil, the whole body is silver, and it is divided into trousers, tops, gloves, boot covers, and hoods. There is a helmet inside the hood to protect the head of firefighters, and the eyes are goggles, which are transparent and mainly prevent heat radiation. Features: Aluminum foil thermal insulation clothing is mainly used to prevent thermal radiation, similar to the cover used to insulate cars in summer. After wearing the thermal insulation clothing, it can withstand high temperature, and its anti-radiation heat is about 1000 ℃. And this suit is very light and will not burden firefighters who use water cannons to put out fires.


Turnout coat & pants: product material: Aramid flame retardant fabric Standards: GA10-2014 Moisture permeability: ≥5000g/㎡X24h Flame burn duration: ≤2S Damaged length: ≤10CM Moisture resistance: ≥ Level 3 Product Weight: ≤3KG Stand-up collar with velcro: Stand-up collar design is sealed with velcro to make the clothes fit firmly and the neck is tightly protected. Reflective strip design: The chest, waist, wrist and trouser legs of the clothes are all equipped with reflective strips, which have obvious reflective effect and high recognition. Turnout Helmet: Impact resistance, heat insulation and flame retardant; Soft and breathable inner mesh; Lightweight shell material Gloves: Frosted palm, thick and flame retardant Turnout boots: Anti-slip and anti-electricity protection for the soles of the feet; Non-slip sole; Rubber boots material

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