21" aluminium alloy expandable baton self defense baton

This 21" aluminium alloy expandable baton is made of aviation aluminum alloy, which is light in weight, high in hardness and convenient to carry. It can be extended and contracted freely, mechanically locked, and the method of use is simple and quick. It is an indispensable self-defense tool for duty,vehicle,outdoor,home and tactical training etc.

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The light machine, that is, the lightweight mechanical locking structure swing stick, has always been synonymous with high standard swing stick. How to ensure the overall strength and strike force of the stick while reducing its own weight has always been the biggest technical problem faced by the light machine. Whether the stick is good or not, locking is very important. The 21" light telescopic mechanical stick adopts a unique metal disc design. Once locked in place, it is like a stick. Even when performing powerful volleys, blocks, strikes and other actions, its locking can be stable and consistent. In addition to the precise locking, the 21" light telescopic mechanical stick has also repeatedly optimized and adjusted the stick force and friction coefficient to make the stick stretch more smoothly. The stick is released immediately with a simple throw, without half-second lag, and without any extra Action. If you are in a narrow space, hold the anti-slip groove of the swing stick with one hand, and pull the other hand out easily, accompanied by two crisp metal locking sounds, you can also unfold the swing stick. The stick body is made of 41040 aerospace-grade aluminum alloy with light weight and strong toughness, and the striking end is made of the same alloy steel material as the international professional tactical baton to ensure the reliability of high-strength strikes. This combination creates a lightweight design, not only It is more convenient to carry, and it also makes the control speed faster and more flexible.


. Item No. :21" aluminium alloy expandable baton . Material: Aviation Aluminum Alloy/41040 Alloy . Colour: Black . Size: -Retracted length 224mm, extended length 508mm -Handle length: 23.3cm, second section: 12.5cm, third section: 14.2cm -Handle outer diameter: 26.5±0.15mm -Middle tube outer diamete: 20.5±0.1mm -Small tube outer diameter: 16.0±0.1mm . Weight: 330g . Application: self-defense, security, training, etc. . Two ways to extend: 1. Press the tail button then pull 2. Directly throw out. . It is composed of small tube, middle tube, handle and switch. . Appearance: The product has a smooth metal surface, uniform coating, no color difference, no sharp edges, no scratches; no bending or deformation of the tube body; no sticking and fixing, each end surface is vertical, flat, and no sharp edges; . Built-in broken window attack head, which has good hardness and can quickly break the window for service operations. . The grip component is integrally formed by friction rubber, cushioning and anti-skid. . Falling value: When the baton is fully extended and locked, it was tested to fall freely from 1.5m to the concrete floor in three postures: horizontal, upright and inverted, after test it can expand and contract normally.

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